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BitCap's Compute Platform 6600 leverages AMD's 6600 7nm series with RDNA 2 architecture. Engineered from the ground up to achieve optimal efficiency without sacrificing performance.



More efficient than the BCP-6600, BitCap's Compute Platform takes the hyper efficient AMD RX 6700 which has top efficiency in the market while increasing peak performance.

GPU Compute


Available for purchase exclusively through Bit Capital Group, BittyMiner™ is the first and only 1x-GPU full-stack compute miner available to the retail market.

immersion kit


Similar to the A-600, our A-1200 takes the full-stack liquid immersion system and scales it to support a total of 12 workers.

The A-1200 also contains the tank, 70KW dry-cooler and pump. This platform supports up to 12x workers. As a full-stack liquid immersion system,  the A-1200 increases thermal thresholds while enabling increased performance capabilities of each worker.

immersion kit


The A-600 is our very first at-home liquid immersion system available to the retail market. Supporting 6x workers, containing the tank, 26KW dry-cooler and pump, the A-600 is the best platform for at-home use.

As a full-stack liquid immersion system,  the A-600 increases your worker's thermal thresholds while enable increased performance capabilities of each workers.

heat dissipation

æther Dielectric Fluid

æther is our custom dielectric fluid engineered for the optimal heat transference and dissipation for your silicone. A clear, colorless, odorless sustainable fluid, æther is the market's most economical substrate for liquid immersion systems worldwide.

enterprise use

Titan Hydro

Capable of storing up to 576 servers with an accompanying upper bound power density of 3.2MW, the Titan Hydro provides enterprise users the most economically efficient compute cluster for their projects.