ASIC Hosting

With well over 9yrs of professional stewardship of compute infrastructure, our management team is well experienced and work to ensure your computational hardware is operational at its highest capabilities and uptime. With multiple facilities under direct management across several states in the U.S., we can confidently deliver an optimal management experience with maximum reliability, efficiency, and performance. Providing guaranteed up-time for our clients and offering full compensation for any performance beneath 95%.

Process for hosted machines:

● Receive all ASIC’s
● Deploy all equipment
● Repair, quote for replace, or RMA any and all non-working equipment
● Determine and deploy optimization on servers
● Provide monitoring system for compute
● Incorporate automated ticketing system and troubleshooting procedures
● Install and maintain numerous management and miner software stacks
● Ongoing physical maintenance of ASIC servers
● Consistent research with updated industry standards, software, and practices

ASIC Hosting
$ 0.08 USD

ASIC hosting, management and upgrade services.

24/7 monitoring and alerts
Trained repair engineers
All facilities powered by renewable energy