Introducing STORM & FORCE 2.1

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Proof of Work (PoW) mining is the foundation of many blockchains. Hashes verify that transactions are legitimate and stop users from copying and pasting their currency (double-spending). The more hashes offered up to a network, the harder it is for that network to be compromised, and the value and utility of that network increases.

At BitCap, our goal is to ensure our clients stay ahead of the curve in network security.

Welcome STORM (OpenCL) and FORCE 2.1 (CUDA), the latest additions to our family of miners.

Starting today, you can order both models!

Best of all, after performing respective performance comparisons at these price points (GPU-to-GPU), our research suggests there aren’t any other publicly available GPU mining rigs with better performance. This puts both models best in their class!

At BitCap, we develop products we’d want to have to support our own portfolios. Before anything else, we’re miners first! Since last year, our team has worked to ensure our flagship product lines, ARMADA and FORCE, were the best on the market. Price, reliability, efficiency, resellability, and most importantly performance are amongst the variables we value most. WhileARMADA and FORCE achieved this balance, STORM and FORCE 2.1 have exceeded our expectations.

With the release of the Vega (OpenCL) architecture found in the STORM build, we assumed it would be capable of generating more computational power than its predecessor, ARMADA. However, we weren’t sure just how much more. Well, now we can say with mathematical confidence that STORM hashes 130% FASTER than our current ARMADA on the Cryptonightv7 (XMR) algorithm. Keep in mind XMR just recently forked their coin to kick off ASIC’s. This is the best GPU for this blockchain.



Next we have the fastest CUDA build we’ve released yet, Force 2.1. Both FORCE and FORCE 2.1 are based on the same Pascal GPU architecture so while we didn’t see as dramatic of a performance increase as with the OpenCL builds, we do see a remarkable 55% increase in hashes. FORCE 2.1 packs a punch and takes the spot as our most overall effective miner in our product line.


Once we got to work optimizing these new GPU’s, we were surprised at the performance and efficiency increases we saw from them. However, we didn’t just want to build something fast that gave miners an increase in hashrate. We also wanted to build something beautiful too. So, we gave them new color schemes too. If you’re going to be the fastest you should look the best too, right?


In order to ensure consistent performance and output, we put a lot of thought into the design and part configuration of each model we offer. First, we began with ARMADA and FORCE. Now, with the additions of STORM and FORCE 2.1, we’re continuing the ethos of providing clients the best hash-in-class.

The Bit Capital Group